Sellerie Custom Art, Artisan sellier

My aim in my upholstery work is to provide personalised items that are both aesthetically pleasing and with a high degree of comfort.
I want every item to be a perfect blend of the customer’s vision and my expertise, resulting in a product that he or she will be proud to use in public, whatever the vehicle, whatever its age or type. Modern, classic, vintage, all are good.

My passions in life are motorbikes, planes, and 20th-century militaria. I want to bring the same passion to my upholstery work, I want to work closely with every customer, to ensure their complete satisfaction with everything made by Sellerie Custom Art.
If you are lucky, there comes a moment in your life where you get to make a choice. A choice between blindly following the rules that a materialistic society has laid down for you, or following your heart and your passions, and allowing your creativity to express itself.

Finding myself caught in a rat race of selling technology that people didn’t need, in order to allow fat cats to get fatter, I found it difficult to be at peace with myself. So I took a deep breath, cut the cord, and set myself free.

I have always enjoyed working with my hands. I enjoy the challenge of creation and invention. This, along with my lifelong passion for motorbikes, meant that motorbike upholstery was the natural path to follow. I found a good teacher to fill in the gaps in my technical knowledge of professional upholstery, I invested my capital in the equipment necessary to produce quality goods, and I’ve never looked back.